A Place You Can Relax And Enjoy Life

In the Tsugaru dialect, Kuroishi City is considered to be Azumashi or “cosy” because of its beauty, relaxed environment, and simplicity.

Kuroishi City’s slogan is “A heart-warming cosy city”. This means you can experience kindness and the warmth of a community.

Kuroishi City is not bustling like other popular cities in Japan. The city prides itself with the ease in which people nurture friendships, just as it was in pre-modern Japan.

Kuroishi’s “old-Japan feel” has stayed the same throughout the generations. You can best experience these peeks into the past by visiting Kuroishi’s hot spring village and famous historical Komise Street.

This small city makes it a perfect destination for anyone needing to recover from stress due to the bigger city life. All you have to do is go to Kuroishi City, and you will relax and recover.

Commoditized products struggle with filling our satisfaction nowadays, but Kuroishi City is blessed with beautiful nature that fills the hearts of humankind.

One of the world’s best powder snow spots.

About 40 minutes from Kuroishi City by car stands Mt. Hakkoda. This mountain is one of Japan’s top 100 mountains for superb winter sports conditions, especially in the Tohoku region.

Its heavy snowfall, low humidity, and low temperatures allow the local ski resorts to open as early as December until the middle of May.

Mt. Hakkoda stretches over five kilometers, offering plenty of backcountry trails.

With strong winds and powder snow, this mountain is a haven for winter sports enthusiast.

  • A historical street that has been protected since the Edo-period.

    Komise Street was built during the feudal period and has withstood the test of time.

    The preservation of this street is unmatched nationwide, and in 2005 it was designated as an “Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings” by the Japanese government as part of the top 100 historical roads in Japan.

    It has protected the people of Kuroishi by blocking the sun during the summer, and by weakening blizzards during the winter.

    It is still utilized as a marketplace for merchants, kimono shops, and various other commodities.

  • A Hot Spring Village that has been healing people for over 400 years.

    Kuroishi’s hot spring village has a history of more than 400 years.

    Each hot spring offers different healing abilities.

    Take a dip in the hot spring at Nuruyu, Ochiai, Itadome, or Aoni hotspring bathhouse to cure your ailments the traditional Japanese way.

    These hot springs provide a beautiful view of the peaceful, rustic city with beautiful Mt. Iwaki towering over the city.

    Admire the beautiful scenery and historical features of Kuroishi City throughout the four seasons.

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